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The Best Animation Software For Aspiring Artists

The Best Animation Software For Aspiring Artists

Nowadays creating art has become more readily available than ever. Whether you want to start drawing or feel more inclined to spend a lot of time learning something even more complicated like animation you will find that tools are not only easily available but even free in some cases. Speaking of animation many people need to learn that you can start learning animation and doing animations at home on your computer. All you need to start learning animation is the Internet and he’s a strong enough computer to run proper software. So, let’s look at how you can begin learning animation and want the best animation software for aspiring artists.

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand that to be able to do proper animation on a computer you will need a bit of hardware before you can even think about software. Most people think that animation is pretty easy, but the reality is that there is a lot of skill and a lot of knowledge that you need to learn for it to become a marketable skill. It’s important to understand that having a powerful computer is not so much for the animation creation itself but to make it much easier for your machine to be able to render the results. This match is true for 2D animation as well as 3D animation. Mind you just because you start doing one type of animation does not mean you shouldn’t try to do another one in the long run. Many people who developed 3D animation skills or 2D animation skills eventually try out the other type.

If you’re looking for the best animation software that is currently available for free online there is no other one that compares to Blender. Before we even get into Blender though it’s important to understand that if you look at discussions online about animation software you will realize that what is industry standard when it comes to animating whether it is for TV shows or video games is very different from company to company. While generally blender is considered a user-friendly but amateur program, the reality is that over the past few years, the perception and understanding of what Blender is capable of has changed drastically in keeps changing with every update and with every plugin created for this program. So, let’s try to unpack what blenders such a good program a why software-wise you can’t do better, especially for the great price of $0.00.

The biggest upside when it comes to using Blender is that Blender is an open-source program. What this means concretely is that anyone with the know-how can create plugins to make life easier for others who use them. What’s very good about this aspect to start over the years since the release of Blender many users found things that they didn’t like or things that they found lacking and created plugins that eventually were headed as an official part of the program itself thanks to a lot of communication between the user base and the creators. For many people when we talk about Blender as an animation program or as a 3d modeling program many describe it as one of the best examples of software by artists for artists.

As you can imagine the availability of plugins for Blender means that you can do pretty much anything with this program. What is your goal is to use this tool to easily make lottie animations or simply as a canvas to paint your textures directly on your models you will find that there are plugins that exist for any kind of purpose. This is why Blender is such a great program for starting artists. The fact that this platform allows for 3D animation, 2D animation, model painting, and even 3D modeling means that it is an incredible canvas no matter what type of art you’re planning to do. This is especially good for beginners because it allows you to avoid having to learn multiple platforms when trying to dabble in different art forms. This is often a big problem that stops people from trying different types of animations or art because it forces you to try to learn platforms that might have completely different UI’s.

All of this brings us to one of our last points which proves once and for all that Blender is by far one of the best platforms for teaching aspiring artists about the different uses that this software has. The fact that this platform is free is of course a great selling point. But since the platform is so easily available one of the great things that comes from that is that many people can create tutorials for it. Their creation of tutorials for both official blender features and blender plugins is so popular that it is an interesting part of the community built around the software. Tutorials are so important to the Blender brand that there are multiple official Blender tutorials available on YouTube for free. While the playlists might be somewhat intimidating as they can range from 30 minutes to multiple hours the reality is that if you want to learn Blender you can do so in a weekend. So don’t be intimidated and unleash your creativity by learning software that can potentially grant you a new direction in life. Don’t be afraid to try out a new hobby and who knows, this might be a new career path for you in the long run.

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