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A Look at The Games With the Most Iconic Music

A Look at The Games With the Most Iconic Music

Since the introduction of gaming in the 80s, gaming has had quite a hold on the world. When gaming was first introduced, gamers all over the world would absolutely lose their mind over some 2D characters with a very basic plotline.

Gaming has changed a lot since then and now gaming has surpassed what people would have ever imagined. Now games have complex plot lines and you can now even enjoy them in virtual reality. Though games have changed a whole lot, something that hasn’t changed is the fact that a lot of games have incredibly iconic soundtracks.

Even if we think of early games like Sonic, Mario, and Pacman, we can all remember the iconic songs that defined these games and when we hear them we can’t help to feel excited whenever we hear them.

As games have progressed, so has the music in the games. Instead of just having songs with a few funky notes, songs now have some fantastic soundtracks that are absolutely iconic.

The soundtracks that games have completely set the mood of your gameplay and some games wouldn’t feel the same without the music. Here is a look at the games with the most iconic music.


If you are someone that has played the fifth installment of the GTA game, then something that you will probably remember is just how fantastic the songs in the game were. In the game, you spend the majority of your time driving around the city, and within the car, you can use the radio.

The radio had a lot of different stations and on these stations, you could find a vast selection of music from a lot of different genres. Though it felt like there was a lot of music, there were some set songs that you probably hear to this day and remember GTA.

As well as being able to hear the songs on the radio while you drove around, you could also hear the iconic songs in various locations on the map. The GTA soundtrack had a lot of iconic 2000s songs and they all hold a lot of nostalgia for us all.

You can actually find playlists from all of the radio stations from the game and so if you want to jump back and listen to them all, all that you need to do is jump online.


It is likely that at some point or another you have played Minecraft. Minecraft is one of the most iconic games to ever exist and it has been a big part of all of our lives. Something that we all agree on is that Minecraft has some songs that we can all remember fondly.

The funny thing about the songs in Minecraft is that none of the songs has words, but we are all still able to remember them and we still think of them fondly.

A song that we all remember fondly is the introduction music on the game and for a lot of us, it was a very defining part of our childhood. Recently, a lot of memes and videos online have been using the iconic Minecraft music that we all remember and if you hear it, then you naturally get the need to play the game again.

If you are someone that hasn’t played the game in a long time, then you may be glad to know Microsoft now have a new Minecraft version that you can download and play. So if you feel as though you want to play the game, something that you can do is download the new version and hop on.


Skyrim has been around for quite a long time and if you are a gamer you have definitely played it by now. Something that we can all agree on is the fact that Skyrim has some of the best ambiance music out there.

When you play Skyrim, you are going to spend a whole lot of time exploring and venturing into deep caves and so the game offers you some brilliant relaxing music that helps ease the tension of the game.

As well as having a lot of ambient music, Skyrim also has a lot of brilliant songs with words. If you head into any tavern in the game, you are going to run into a bard playing an instrument and singing a song. You can actually request for the bards to play a song of your choosing and if you have never requested a song again, I would recommend that you ask them to play the Dragonborn.

Sack Boy

This is a game that was only released last year and when it was released, nobody expected that it would have so many fantastic songs in it.

If you are not sure what Sack Boy is if you remember Little Big Planet, then Sack Boy follows the life of the main character that you would play in the game.

In Sack Boy, the aim is to try and assist the ruler of a kingdom to try and allow their world to return to normality. Throughout the game, you play a number of different levels with different objectives and when you play the game, the map will change and move in motion to a certain song.

I won’t spoil the songs that are used in the game, as they are a big part of the experience and it is something that you have to see for yourself.

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