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Do Homes With Integrated Smart Home Tech Do Better On The Housing Market?

Do Homes With Integrated Smart Home Tech Do Better On The Housing Market?

Smart homes are taking the world by storm. You can get a fully integrated smart home tech from door locks, security systems, toilets, lighting systems, garage openers, and mirrors. Without a doubt, such advancements are likely to increase the value of your home. This discussion shall explore whether homes with integrated smart home tech do better in the housing market. Read on.


Smart technology is the next big thing in the real estate industry as companies roll out huge portfolios in home automation. Some notable aspects include smart thermostats, lighting, blinds, electric outlets, voice-activated assistants such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, and smart home security. Already, home buyers are considering home automation as one factor that influences their decision to buy.

Here are 5 ways that smart home tech is transforming the housing market:

Increased Value Of Investment Properties

It’s no wonder that today’s home buyers are looking for the latest smart home technology. That tech makes your life more convenient and has the potential to increase your property’s value and take your resale price to the next level.

Experts predict that by 2030, smart homes will become commonplace, with more than 50 percent of Americans living in one. There are many benefits to having a smart home: You can save money on utility bills, increase security and improve energy efficiency.

In a survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate 2021, 66 percent of buyers said they’d be willing to pay extra for smart home technology in their next home. However, when asked how much they’d be willing to pay, the average price was $2,876—a good chunk of change when you think about it. But making your house more appealing could benefit you in the long run if you’re selling your home.

Typically, you can expect a return on investment between 10 and 15 percent if you add smart tech to your property before selling (more on what kind of return you can expect for specific investments later). So if you have a $2 million house, adding smart tech could make it worth an extra $200.

Attract More Buyers And Sellers

Home automation technology is no longer just a luxury or novelty that can be installed into a house. Instead, it’s becoming a necessity, and people are looking for it when shopping around. In fact, there are many house buyers out there looking for homes with automation systems. This shows a profound value for your house and high demand.

If you’re selling your home, integrating smart devices into your existing system can make the difference between selling your home and having to lower the price. If you’re thinking about buying a new home, making sure there is some type of automation system already installed will increase the value of the house you’re investing in.

Less Time Is Spent on The Market

A recent article in Forbes magazine states that homes with smart home tech sell for about 4% higher than those without. Also, they spend less time on the market than their less tech-savvy counterparts, meaning they may be easier to sell overall. The article cites several studies and reports showing that buyers are willing to pay more for tech-integrated homes. So if you’re ready to raise your asking price and make room in your life for something new, an investment in smart home tech could eventually pay off when you put your house up for sale.

Introduces New Smart Developments

A home with integrated smart home technology is bound to be more attractive to buyers looking for the latest and greatest – and that’s not just because the tech itself is new. In the case of these homes, the new developments allow for entirely new features and features that have never been feasible before. These factors often differentiate between an “OK” house and one that a buyer falls in love with.

Also, there are long-term benefits to having smart home technology integrated into your home’s infrastructure. For example, installing a smart thermostat as part of your HVAC system will adjust its settings according to your daily schedule, so you’re not wasting energy when no one is home. Likewise, suppose you have smart lighting installed. It can detect when there’s enough light coming in through the windows (from the sun or streetlights) and turn itself off automatically, so you’re not using electricity unnecessarily.

The availability of smart devices makes it easier than ever before to automate many aspects of life around your home. Thus, smart home techs play a significant role in the housing market— you can easily find innovations that make life easy.

Transforms Marketing Of Real Estate

Home automation has changed the way homes are marketed when they’re up for sale. The Internet of Things (IoT) gives sellers the ability to remotely monitor and control things like temperature, lighting, and security without even being there. Then, with an app on their phone or tablet, homeowners can adjust these settings from anywhere to make sure their property is being shown in its best light.

This allows them to personalize each tour according to what they know about potential buyers’ preferences, which helps establish a strong connection right from the start. Also, they can use IoT technology to create a personalized experience by making sure lights are on when visitors arrive and playing music that matches their mood or interests.

Smart Home Tech Is A Game Changer In The Housing Market!

Smart home tech has transformed the housing market significantly. Among the various ways are increased value for a property, more demand for smart tech homes, less selling time, and an easy time in marketing. Therefore, embrace smart tech in your property for increased benefits.

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